Colorful knot (life) (relocated)

Some people weave very beautiful tapestries with their lives. Stable width, perfect patterns, threads chosen for precisely that location and present only for the precise length that they are need. Everything in just the right place for a smooth item of art.

I am not one of those people.

My strings are a bit more colorful. Sometimes a bright red that glows so bright it obscures the colors around it. Sometimes a blue so deep that it’s gravity strips all surrounding light as well. And sometimes they suddenly decide to change their color all at once to something completely different.

They weave in and out of my life, sometimes by my control, many times not. Often either staying much longer than I would like, other times I cry over how short of a string was given to me of a particularly enjoyed color .

In a monochrome glimpse, it might actually look more like a large messy knot than a well-woven item of interest. But maybe the difference between an exquisite tapestry and a bright, vibrant knot really isn’t as large as it seems like it ought to be. A little bit too much play here, and a bit too much of a tug in that general direction.

If you seek a finished and perfected item to admire, this is probably not a page of much interest. But all are welcome, to observe, to be amused, to be saddened, and I’m sure many others each in their own time. Maybe even to tweak the movement of a string or two belonging to either of us. Some of your colors right now may be different than those I’m working with, but maybe some of them will seem a bit too familiar in spite of the vast differences in our overall projects.


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