Garages and shoveling snow (life and importance)(relocated)

i’m sitting here watching a man.

he’s trying to dig his car out from snow that’s still falling

and he’s been doing so for at least 15 minutes.

the slight irony is that he’s doing so parked right in front of his
garage. he opened it a while ago to get his broom, and in doing so
revealed that it’s full of random junk.

if you were to tell the man right now that you’d take it all off his
hands so he could park his car, and give him 50 bucks in the deal,
he’d probably hug you.

the garage sale it would take to do that would probably be a lot
less work than he’s spent on the car being outside this storm alone,
let alone all winter, let alone how many years he’s probably been
doing this.

but… its optional work. he doesn’t have to reduce his stuff, where
at the moment he has to have his car capable of movement.

so instead of dealing with more comfortable optional work, he has
set himself up for very cold, more difficult, and repeated work.

his resources to prevent this mess are busy protecting trivial
things, which he obviously doesn’t use much with them packed in
boxes. if they are sentimental, he obviously doesn’t see them much
to let them bring him the emotions that he feels justify their space.

my car fits into my garage.. even with my garage having lots of
boxes of basic junk in there that i still need to deal with from the
move. No snow covering the car, and a somewhat warm trip to and from
the car when needed.

but it strikes me that life is somewhat similar. too many of the
trivial things get prime space of concern… leaving me with bigger
messes from leaving more major things exposed to the elements of

if i stopped to work on really looking at the true value of each
little thing in the perspective of realizing how much its space was
needed by the major things, i might entirely reconsider its value.
but too often, i’m busy trying to fix an immediate problem by
shoveling snow and ice while its still heavily snowing to make my
efforts less effective than they should be.

he’s stopped now. gone inside to warm up no doubt. but in the few
minutes he’s been inside, his window is already covered again.


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