Pets (evil, free will, heaven and hell)(relocated)

Remember teddy ruxpin? It was a stuffed bear that was big when I was a kid. It played a tape and its mouth moved. It was pretty cool, but got kinda boring and predictable.

Furbys are much cooler. They have some spontaneity, and when ya reset them can even change personalities. But still kinda annoying, mainly cuz they always say sweet stuff like “me want kiss”… Never any chance for anything surprising.

But pets are so much cooler. Almost all kids want a dog or a cat at some point. I think that the reason why they are cooler is that they aren’t very predictable. The cute little puppy could be your best friend, or could be the demon that ruins everything you own and bites and snarls at anything that gets near it, or anywhere in between, or at times both! But if ya knew it was always going to be sweet, it would be furby type boring… And if ya always knew it would obey it would be like the taped teddy bear. Neither is one I would want for very long.

By letting us be bad if we so choose, he lets us choose to be nice instead of only putting nice stuff into our vocabulary like a robot. But it also means some of us wont. Maybe tolerating the mean dogs will help us become stronger from the fighting. Maybe with our scars we will become more timid. But eventually, when it gets to the point to where for the welfare of the good dogs the unmanageable dogs must go. This is why some will go to hell. Because if all stayed, it would be just like it is now.

But a lot does depend on how you manage the dogs. A very strict owner with a lot of rules may have the dogs that obey being more in control, but he is gonna lose a lot to meanness. Even the obedient ones will be less friendly.

God tried this. The story is called the old testament. It didn’t work well… We dogs didn’t go by the rules, and were constantly needing yelled at, and even the good ones weren’t good at following directions. He was losing a lot.

So he tried approach two. You cuddle, and love, and spoil the puppy. The dogs will come and try to learn to obey you cuz they like you, not because you are holding a whip. Some still will not come to you… Even if you call and try to chase after them. And so it is with a lot of people. And he’d rather keep them… But it will only hurt the rest to do so.


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