Shirt washing and laundry stains (sin and past, love)(relocated)

Shirt washing and laundry stains (sin and past, love)

a shirt still may have stained even after it is washed.

this doesnt mean it isnt clean, it just reflects damage done to the
shirt before washing… scars it carries if you will.

is it worthless? for some purposes yes. if it isn’t a shirt you
love, you will probably immediately discard it.

but if you keep it, there is a reason. the reason being that you
truly like the shirt. like its color or how it wears, like the
comfort you feel in it.

you will wear it when at home, when you have no one to impress and
your chief desire is to relax and be happy. you will wear it in
situations where future stains may happen, as the often do, because
you know that they bear no future threat to it. you will associate
it with its comfort and lack of need for high maintenance requiring
you to be careful. this shirt has become a trusted friend.

are you happy about the stain? no. of course not. i’ve come pretty
close to tears once or twice when absolute favorite items made the

but, in doing so they are freed. freed from the worry of if they
match, or if they are formal enough for the occasion. free from the
fear of what if they become stained… and the excess restraint
associated with clothes that have to be kept carefully to avoid any
soiling. (think church clothes vs play clothes)

they are free to be loved. because you do love it, or you wouldn’t
have had a desire to keep it, stained and all, in the first place.

could you have kept it perfect? maybe. but such an existance leaves
a shirt unable to be worn for common life. unable to bring comfort
to you on that day at the pool because the chlorine might hurt it,
or at the beach because the sun might bleach it, or in the park
because the mud might get on it. such a shirt is reserved only for
frumpy uncomfortable formal occasions when you are so unrealxed
anyway that adding concern for wellbeing of clothing doesn’t
particularly add any more annoyance to the experience.

if you knew it couldnt withstand such damage, would you be as
comfortable wearing it?

and if it couldnt take the damage without becoming trash to you, was
it really a favorite shirt in the first place?

only a select number can withstand the stains that come, the ones
that don’t wash clean. but those that can are truly loved.

we are loved. by god. it spite of everything we’ve gotten into. and we are clean, in spite of scars we may still battle. and we will survive it. because we are his.


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