Wireless digital x-ray

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to have anything x-rayed.

Yesterday, I had xrays done at the major medical group in the area, and was surprised at how things have changed.

There was no film slid in under the table. Just a thing about the same size, placed on top of the table. The overhead machine looked about the same.

So they take the first pic, and have me change position, but they leave the thing on the table, not changing it. Only then did I notice that it wasn’t just a different type of film. It had LEDs along one side. No wires connecting it to anything… just a random non-descript object. I’m not even sure what to call it.

My daughter had been sitting back with the techs behind the little wall thing. When we leave the room after they finish the x-rays, she tells me about how she saw my bones on the computer. Apparently, they were already showing up as they were taken.

A few minutes later, the doc comes in with her laptop… x-rays on it… and shows them to me, zooming in and out a bit, flipping between them.

Gotta love cool technologies. I’d never even thought about x-rays been taken digitally, though I suppose it makes a lot of sense.

Though, I’ll admit, my wonder over the neat toy was dampered a bit by the memory of the fact that this company was the one who refused to work with me on a bill while I was unemployed, becoming a major pain over $300. A fortune to me at the time without income, and a drop in the bucket compared to some medical bills people have to work with them on I’m sure. So that’s what I get. Cool x-rays fast (probably costing more even without the film and processing cost I’d imagine), but complete jerks if you have anything unexpected happen financially.

I think I miss my excuse to do things like medical exams in the small rural town 45 minutes from here. The technology wasn’t nearly as impressive, but I think if I have to choose tech over having staff actually be human, my choice is with the “good ol’ days”.


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