Reading style differences

The past week or so has been kind of interesting.

As mentioned a bit in the notes section, I have a specific “one year bible” that I attempt to keep up with. This same bible also has a website with the same reading plan on it, and links to go directly to the day’s readings in biblegateway.

Normally I use the book itself, more for the feel than anything, then afterwards type verses that caught my attention into a post (originally on a private journal, but now here).

But my wrist has been hurting lately. So that got adapted to reading then using the links to copy and paste. Which then of course took the direct route to just reading it online in the first place.

But it’s really brought to my notice how much differently I read things online than I do in a paper form. Online I read much faster, but it’s much more focused on the general idea, rather than depth.

This works well for many things… but I don’t think this is one of them. I find myself flying through in the quick gleaning style by habit, catching myself letting my mind glaze over, re-reading, repeating.

I suppose I’ve developed the different styles quite a while back, but it’s only really come to my notice with the change in format over the same type of content. Just kind of interesting to note.

Though as a random note, I wish more bible publishers would go with the common book style for bibles. I am so not a fan of the smaller print in fancier fonts and the really thin pages that so many of them use. I’d rather have the practical when it comes to something I’m wanting to put to regular use. I don’t mind it looking nice and don’t exactly want it to look awful, but when it makes it more difficult to use, that’s where I lean for function over form. When you are publishing a bible that you intend to have used for a once a day reading plan, I think it’s safe to assume practicality is going to be of a higher value than beauty with those seeking to purchase your particular book (on this particular purchase anyway). Formal dresses are nice, but the comfortable and practical sundress is going to spend much more time off the hanger.


One thought on “Reading style differences

  1. Billy Chia says:

    Good call on form vs function. I’m using an online plan to read the Bible in a year. (or perhaps a couple years.)

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