Job ad

I’ve long been amazed at how the employers have been taking advantage of the high unemployment rate in the area to do what they want with job ads because they will still get applicants.

For example, every fast food restaurant and pizza delivery places has been putting “experienced only” in for years… when common sense pretty much tells you that a person without experience could probably manage just as well with maybe a week or training. Other jobs like to require a education in areas where very little would be required.

But today’s paper had one of the silliest.

“OFFICE to drop off & pick up children from school. Experienced need only apply. No benefits. Apply at Typed Letters Co.”

Hello? Since when is picking kids up and dropping them off an office job? Or one that requires much more than patience and a drivers licenses, neither of which are mentioned. Nor are important details like the general hours, which varies by which schools would be involved, and would probably be a major deciding factor with anyone looking for that few hours as to if it would fit in with other obligations…. since this obviously isn’t a job to support someone.

And with the traffic flow patterns for each school being so different, I can’t imagine experience with transporting kids to one school is going to help you much when dealing with a completely different setup. And it isn’t like someone couldn’t learn in like the first trip or two even if they had no clue.

And why does an envelope printing place hire someone to transport kids rather than their parents (who I’m gonna guess probably happens to be the owner taking advantage of the fact to put someone on the payroll instead of out of their pocket directly.)

The sad thing is, around here, I bet they probably get 50 applicants anyway…


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