Writing considerations

I’m trying to decide if I feel like trying nanowrimo this year.

(For those not familiar, the goal is to write a novel of 50,000 or more in the month of November website)

I haven’t been particularly successful in previous attempts… mainly for two reasons.

#1 I get bored after about the third chapter, mainly because I have a tendancy to describe too much rather than actually letting characters do anything themselves
and #2 I’m overly critical

Both drive me nuts… the second is usually the killer though. And, actually, is probably part of what drives the first.

I absolutely hated my first attempt, because in addition to the lack of dialog thing, my plot just kept reminding me of a cheesy made for cable movie. Or, maybe worse, one of those made to be shown to a youth group cheesy videos. (As a tangent, I’m really dissappointed in the recent 3:16 dvd’s short film section…. for exactly that reason. Even if that’s about the tone my stuff ends up with too.)

I actually only have 2 chapters of the 4 left, because I was so unhappy with 2 of them that I deleted them entirely. And I couldn’t tell you where the 2 survivors are saved.

But…. the thing is, of the people who read it, none expressed the same feelings. Even the readers of my blog, where I was posting it, who always tend to be a bit on the harsh side compared to in person friends.

Which is worse? To be over critical, or to suck in a cheesy muck sort of way?

I’d originally told someone I wasn’t going to try this time because of my wrist. But, honestly, it’s feeling better mostly.

Then recently, I started working on recounting some of the interesting events of the last year or so… which is taking some time, so I used that as an excuse. (I will probably post these here as well fairly soon). And I haven’t even been good about writing here lately, let alone taking on something else.

But really….

I think it’s the mix of issues related to the writing that has me a bit spooked.

And when I get really honest, I think that was more the reason that I quit about 5,000 words into it last year.

I claimed it was because of time. But had I tried, I think I could have made the time.

Do I really want to reopen this can of worms?


3 thoughts on “Writing considerations

  1. aaron ivey says:

    dude, i’ve always wanted to write a book… not sure if i could write a novel, but sounds pretty intriguing… you should go for it.

  2. Odale says:

    Being overly critical is a definite no-no and I don’t know that you’re cheesy…I am my own worst enemy when it comes to re-reading my work and that hinders me from posting much of what I want to say.
    I’ve looked at the nanowrimo and thought about it but I don’t like competitions and the winners sometimes make me wonder who’s really judging these contests…Sorry to sound negative but writing quality content doesn’t get the respect it deserves. Have you seen what some offer as “payment” at the job boards?

  3. blueraindrop says:

    the winner parts isnt exactly a contest… anyone who finishes wins. they only count the words to make sure there are 50,000 of them. lol

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