Fake-pumpkin pie

I’m not a big fan of pie.

Just never have been. I think mostly its that the difference in texture betweek wettish filling and dry crust bothers me on some level.

Anyway, last year, I got a brainstorm.

On a random whim walking past a display, I picked up some jello pudding mix in pumpkin pie flavor.

Now, every box of jello instant pudding says something to the effect of “pudding and pie filling” and usually has a recommendation somewhere on it that you turn it into a pie.

Which usually makes for a pretty lame pie.

But…. a pumpkin pie pudding pie??? a pumpkin pie with no pumpkin!

I’m weird enough that this sounded like an awesome idea. So I made one. And it wasn’t bad.

Considering that I don’t like pie, that says a lot.

(random baking tip: when using storebought grahamcracker crusts, use fingers to smash it against the side a bit so it breaks up like a normal one instead of being like cardboard)

So, this year, when I spotting the pudding back on the superwalmart shelves, I decided to try it again. And add pumpkin to the pumpkinless pumpkin pudding pie.

(random observation: jello has some “limited edition” flavors of jello out too right now… strawberry daquiri, pina colada, and margarita. i was rather impressed that they at least had the restraint to not put a jello shots recipe on the box, though I rather expected one there.)

So I added a can of pumpkin into my pie this time. This idea was not so brilliant. It doesn’t taste awful… it just didn’t set up as well, and I think it tasted a lot better without it.

How sad is it that I prefer my pie with fake pumpkin?

Well, maybe the pudding has some real pumpkin in it as an ingredient, but you know what I mean.

(random duh: my stove has this drawer thing that the burners slide into, and it makes a 6-8 inch ledge when they are hidden. at least once a month i intentionally pull the drawer out for some reason with something on the ledge and dump it when the ledge disappears suddenly. you would think after a few catastrophies i would remember this, but i never do. my feet almost wore a pie tonight)


4 thoughts on “Fake-pumpkin pie

  1. Billy Chia says:

    I’m a huge pie fan – especially pumpkin pie w/ cool whip. Although I do have to say some jello filling pie sounds like it’d be good.

  2. artlady says:

    OOOHHH I have a recipe for you. I’ll put it on my blog. It’s delicious…even for the non/pie lover.

  3. Odale says:

    Jello pie shots?! ;-))) They’d probably sell like crazy!
    I’m not a frequent pie eater, either, but I made the cheescake jello pie a while back and everyone ooohed and ahhhed and it didn’t last long! It seems like it’s more expensive now to do everything from scratch, whereas it used to be the reverse…cookies may be an exception, especially during the holidays! I’ll definitely try this pumpkin jello, though!

  4. blueraindrop says:

    the other special flavors are the jello jello, not the jello pudding. confusing how they use the same jello label for both.. lol

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