Attempting anyway

Well, I decided to attempt the novel anyway, though I can’t say I have my hopes set on it. LOL

I’ve decided to actually split it into three sections with different plots.

And, I’ve already started beating myself up over it. Over the plots being generic and cheesy mostly.

So I’ve pretty much started convincing myself that this is just for the experience, not for quality, and that it will remain unread.

In a fit of backup planning, I’ve also decided to go for the blog version, writing a post each day in November. A task I’ve done before, and know I can handle as long as I make a point to do it.

So I’ve got one far shot, and one easy goal.

Is it a good idea to toss the easy one in when I should be putting a lot of focus on the hard one? Will it be too much of a procrastination tool?

Will see I guess.


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