Reading in public

I can understand why authors title their books with clear indication of the contents. Because it sells books off the shelf that people may not have even known that they were looking for.

But it is rather annoying when you are trying to read in public, such as in a breakroom.

The only time “Facing” is good as the first word in your title is if what follows refers to something physical (east, left, toledo, whatever…).

Other word get the same effect I suppose…. recovering from, living with, coping with, escaping…. etc etc etc. People don’t label books like this when it’s something positive unless its designed to inspire you because you currently aren’t whatever it is, which goes back to the original issue.

Yes, it gets the point of your book across easily. But when it’s in 4 inch high letters, is anyone going to actually have it with them much to read it?

Particularly if they are reading on recommendation of a friend vs personal purposes. Though with some titles, maybe worse if it is actually a current struggle.

And yes, positioning of book while reading can help. But only if you aren’t friendly. “So what are you reading today?” isn’t a question I feel like to have to give a 5 minute explaination into, or fear consequences of assumptions that will be made otherwise.

Plus… just on the principle. Creativity anyone?

Though, to be fair, it’s probably still better than the title of a book that should be arriving here any day now. “Power Points: Your Action Plan to Hear God’s Voice, Believe God’s Word, Seek the Father, Submit to Christ, Take Up the Cross, Depend on the Holy Spirit, Fulfill the Great Commission” is a bit of a handful. But, at least it has a nice “:” to show you where to cut it off at! LOL


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