Mauled by books

When it comes to non-fiction books, to me there are 4 categories.

* Repackaged common sense. Nothing particularly new to most anyone, but reworked and offered more as a reminder than anything else.

* Fluff. Not much depth, and usually pretty chipper. Makes for nice reading in short periods of time, as it doesn’t require much focus, and usually has no pull to not set it down for something else.

* Insightful. Usually not too difficult reading, but there is substance to be gained, usually more in the overall message than individual points. Sometimes hard to put down.

* Mauling.

I used to label this provoking. But these books usually do a lot more than provoke. They attack. Sentence by sentence they attack your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and anything else they can get their topics around.

These are the books that you have to take paragraph by paragraph, sometimes word by word. Your reading pace isn’t determined by the limits of the skill, it’s limited by your ability to digest… mentally, emotionally, and sometimes spiritually.

When the book has ended, its more survived than completed. And yet, if you allow them to, these are the books that can most radically change your life.

These are my favorite books. CS Lewis, Manning, etc etc.

But it disappoints me how few of the recent books I pick up can do this. You walk into a random book section, and so many are happy with just the insightful.

Some of still enjoy being mauled.


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