Mother annoyance, camera edition

My daughter’s birthday is in January. So its usually a good plan to do shopping plans for both Christmas and birthday gifts at the same time.

So I decided this week what she would be getting for both.

And for a couple of the items I expect to be harder to find, I already bought them.

I mentioned to my mom that I bought my daughter a new digital camera, because this year polaroid has a new kids camera that actually has decent 3mp resolution this time! ( camera ) AND ITS MAC COMPATABLE! YAY!

My daughter already has 2 digital cameras actually. One is a kids one that takes horrible pictures but is basically indestructable, and one is a cheap one aimed at older kids that also takes horrible low resolution pics.

So, she usually wants me to let her use my camera. Which I have actually done on occasion… setting things up for her with the autofocus on and letting her go.

So I was pretty happy with the stats on this version of a kids camera… and figured she would be thrilled, especially with her going along on the cruise in July.

So, I told mom about the camera I bought on Thursday.

Today is Sunday. And here comes my daughter, home from my mom’s house, with a brand new Hannah Montana digital camera that Grandma gave her today.

For no special reason. With the same crummy pics as the other two cameras. And its not mac compatible on software.

A very good part of me is really mad. But of course, when I so much as ask why, I get treated like I’m just a mean mommy (in front of the kid no less) for spoiling the fun for the kid.


This is the essence of the battle with me and my mom, though usually the undermining is a bit less obvious. We sooo need to move out of state somewhere.

Ah well though. At least she did it now… while it still has a long time to lose the new-ness and for her to get annoyed with the awful pics that she can only download at Grandma’s house anyway. (Yes I have bootcamp installed and running, no I’m not installing it anyway given the circumstances)

Plus, I’d already planned to delay it as a birthday item anyway, so Christmas gifts will get a chance to erase the Hannah Montana from memory too.

But it still drives me nuts.


2 thoughts on “Mother annoyance, camera edition

  1. wikicubicles says:

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  2. John Shore says:

    I just cannot understand how your mom could do that to you. I would go insane. She sooooo needs to apologize to you. A lot. And CHANGE. That’s completely unacceptable. She bought your kid THE SAME GIFT YOU TOLD YOU YOU’D ALREADY BOUGHT YOUR KID?? That’s just … so extremly awful!

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