At least they are being nice…

I was called over to my mother’s house the other evening to fix a dvd player.

Fortunately, it was working fine… my mother just doesn’t know the difference between a standard dvd and an hd-dvd… and has a high enough budget as to not flinch and wonder why the movie was costing upwards of 30 bucks.

So, now she’s already opened the seal… usually the big thing on returns… and so I was less than optimistic when handed the task to go get the right copy.

I was surprised though…. best buy traded it out, no questions asked, though the difference was put on a gift card instead of as a refund.

Not like I ever go to best buy to use it…. as neither of the ones in this area are well located, usually understocked, and don’t match prices with cheaper places. But at least I didn’t have to hit ebay to try and sell the useless-to-mom disc that really should have been labeled much better.

Not that she would have realized what a bigger logo meant though if they had. Ah well I guess.


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