Interesting timing

Last spring, I happened upon a sale at a store that I didn’t realize was closing in the next week.

For like 2 bucks, I ended up bringing home a paper grocery bag full of used books. This actually inspired me to dedicate a shelf on my bookshelves specifically to unread books to keep them seperated.

So, during the year I’ve bought quite a few books intentionally, and those usually get read as soon as they get into my hands…. so then I grab a book off the shelf when I need something new.

I say all this basically to make the point that the book I picked up in the last week has been sitting around since probably March or so in a stack of unread books, and was basically just grabbed at random.

Following the last entry’s comments about car things… it was interesting to happen across this quote… in a discussion of men caring for women as husbands and fathers..

“You were never meant to be unprotected. I’m sorry that many of you never had a Christian father like this to care for you. I’m sorry that negligence on the part of men has left you vulnerable to mistreatment and abuse. I’m sorry you’ve had to assume the masculine traits neccessary to fight for yourself and to be your own protector. That isn’t God’s plan- it’s the consequences of our sin and disobedience.” (Joshua Harris – Boy Meets Girl)

Interesting to think about… but maybe a bit more so in the annoyance of the neighbor thing.


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