Normally handshakes dont bug me too much.

However, with my wrist acting up, its not particularly my favorite activity.

It struck me as a bit odd… that when I went in to see the second doctor… the one who specializes in things like tendonitis… he sticks out his hand for me to shake it, the hand that requires me to use my still throbbing and twitching at the time injured wrist to do so.

But today I got a weirder one.

I got a new supervisor a few weeks back. Where the other one pretty much left us to do our thing unless we were getting into grey areas with out stats, this one is much more hands on.

Normally this is fairly harmless… a paper pretty much every day, showing everyone on the teams stats identified by name instead of number (to shame those doing poorly i think more than jsut as information i’m starting to think)

But he also makes this big deal of calling us by name every single time we cross paths. this would be annoying anyway, but especially as he only remembers my legal first name from the paperwork…. which i dont use in real life basically ever.

So he catches me as i’m heading to the break room… and starts all but yelling about how he likes the improvement on my speed… good job… awesome… etc etc and as he does this, hes shaking my hand. not jsut briefly, but expendedly… and with a great deal of shake.

and, being break, and with as much as my brace makes my hand sweat and itch being on so much, i had it off at the time. so my wrist actually ended up bein sore as a result of this.

now, he knows my wrist is messed up. he sees the doctors-order-forced break times on my stats daily. we’ve discussed it before. half the time when he catches me its when im on these short breaks resting it (because where i sit is right by a walkway that his desk is also near, so he walks by relatively frequently)

i wish i were more confrontational sometimes. i probably shoulda said something to him when he was doing it. but i’ve never been skilled at doing things like that smoothly.

and, i did warn him that my speed is touch and go. its been up lately, but, as the wrist cooperates or not, it may very well not stay there. but i dont think he actually even listened to what i said.

i think i kinda prefer the leave them alone unless need creates a reason to do otherwise style of management.


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