Missing hobbies

I found myself in a craft store fairly recently.

I went in with a purpose, to choose some beads to use in a set of prayer beads I was making.

And it made me a bit sad.

Because I remember just wandering in such places years ago… and hours spent on purchases of various things.

And in the past 5 years? I’ve maybe been in one twice.

And it made me realize a bit how much I miss some of my older hobbies.

How long has it been since I picked up paints? At least 6 years I’d guess. My musical stuff hasn’t been set up in the year and a half we’ve lived here, in spite of the keyboard stand in my closet falling over every time I get one of my longer dresses out.

And so many things I only dabbled in, that I really wanted to develop more. I loved working with wax, whether just messing with it or working on encaustic stuff. And building and painting rockets that I never got around to investing in the launch equipment yet.

A few days later was the garage cleaning, and with that came cleaning out of a box of older craft stuff. So much interest in the past… but most of it I hadn’t messed with since the move before last… about 4 years ago.

I was looking at cameras around thanksgiving… and found myself looking more towards the “advanced beginner” levels… ones where I can just turn on the camera and click but can still play with setting when I want to. My current camera was at this level, but it was bought for being cheap to replace a broken more expensive film camera that would cost more to fix than its worth. but deliberately looking at them?

I used to be so into more artistic types of pictures. But in the last 5 years, it seems like all the ones i’ve taken have been random snapsot style or the kid or too far back without much ability to move concert pics.

Maybe its part of growing up.

or maybe its something i need to work toward making deliberate time to rekindle older passions.

though, back to the craft store, i’m still always amazed at their selections of christmas ornaments and decorations. much better than about anyplace around here.

and i finally found a candle that has a berry type scent that doesnt smell like warm koolaid wafting through the room.

wonder what happened to all the candles i used to have around. (and use… not just as dust collectors) and where my other oil lamp managed to disappear to…


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