Starting off on the wrong foot.

Ok, so I’m really starting this year off on the wrong foot so far.

Mornings are always far from smooth around here, but this one exceptionally so. I eventually relented and let the kiddo stay in her jammies because she was just going to my aunts house. But then, because she had on thick footy jammies, neither of us noticed we didn’t have her coat with us along with the clothing, shoes, blanket, bear, etc.

So then, I had started a diet last week because my mom had given me the stuff for Christmas. Last night was an exception night… but I fully intended to be back on it this morning. Well, this has like 3 powders mixed together twice a day and a total of 11 pills a day, so I had already measured and mixed the powders into snack sized bags to take to work. Well I thought I had 2 left made. I didn’t. Nor did I have the right pill combos into the right box ready to go… and I was already running late…. so today because a cheat day due to lack of time to deal with it.

Next I scarped the car a bit getting it out of the garage. Nothing huge.. but still…

The rest of the morning was just mostly mild mess-ups….

But then came about 2pm, when one of the other supervisors at work came over, sat next to me, and threatened to send me home over a dress code violation… meaning not only would i get an unexcused abscense, I wouldn’t get the additional holiday pay either. Now… holidays are always dress down days. I had on some older, soft jeans and one of my alaska shirts from last summer’s michael w smith cruise, with crocs. So I was confused….

But apparently at some point, the back of my jeans had ripped. Being soft fabric, I hadn’t noticed it. Not just a small rip…. along one pocket all of the way from the hem of the waist to where my rear hit the chair had split.

Luckily I only had about an hour left before call flow was low enough to go home for staffing reasons so she let it go.

Doubly luckily….. the day I wore the very brightly striped underwear I have was yesterday, not today.


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