Clearance presents

For Christmas this year my daughter wanted two things… a purple laptop and a purple guitar. Not the guitar video games, a guitar.

I wasn’t thrilled with either. And she didn’t get either one.

But she got a dollhouse that she absolutely loves.

So her birthday is coming up later this month… and I’m looking for more dollhouse rooms.

Right after Christmas I found some of the rooms really cheap at a store near my aunts house. So today before I picked up the kiddo, I stopped in to see if they had any more.

Now, Boo has a violin. A violin that hasn’t been taken care of. Which was a good part of why I was opposed to the guitar, in addition to the noise factor…. However, I was blaming it on price. I made the decision that my price budget was 30 bucks. I’m not looking for high quality on something likily to be trashed as it is to be cherished. The cheapest ones I was seeing at that time that were actual guitars and not just a toy looking like one were around 50-60.

So I was looking at the section that had the dollhouse rooms. And none of them were ones that we don’t already have with the ones I’ve already got for her birthday.

But then, I turned around.

Directly across the row… 4 feet from me…. was a pile of 3 guitars on clearance. Small guitars, sized for a child. And the one right in front of me? Purple with hot pink shooting stars.

The clearance price? $30


You have to love divine sense of humor sometimes.

I did technically spend more than that, as the set that had the case, strap, 3 picks, and another book was also chopped in price down to 5 bucks.

But I’m still trying to accept the fact that I’m actually adding a guitar to the arsenal of a 5 year old.


One thought on “Clearance presents

  1. "Maggie" says:

    Thanks for your comment on my lurking post…

    You are a good writer, and apparently good at the switch-board. Gotta love impossible demands! Keep smiling, down’t get so nervous about it, and I’ll just bet the boss will cut you some slack. You seem very conscientious.

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