As I was sorting through things the other day, I picked up an item that was going to be kept.

I sort of talk to items sometimes in my head… with this sorting lately it’s mostly been along the lines of “why in the world are you still here?” or “give me one good reason to keep you”.

But as I was moving this item over to where it needed to be, what was said to it in my head was “you’ll be going home with me”.

I was, of course, already at our current house.

Which kinda made to stop a bit, and realize how much my heart is already moved on. I already have accepted that this isn’t home… even though I’m not even positive yet as to where home will be.

It’s mostly narrowed down to 2 places, and 2 less likily possibilities.

One of the places would be my preference if my preference was the only question to be answered.

But the other place seems to be where all of the most relevant job openings are, and where i’ve gotten the most job responses by far, and where i know more people though none close enough that i would call them friends really.

Where in the first place, i’ve only managed to narrow down to a large part of town on looking for places to live… the second I’ve actually narrowed down already to two specific areas, with a leaning towards one but a better likelihood of being about to afford the other.

And the more and more things fall into place, the more it tends to slope towards the second option rather than my first choice.

So maybe I do already know.

But then… it doesn’t take a trend.. just one right door.

Wonder how long till I get over number one?


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