Doll replacement

For Christmas my daughter got the twin time dollhouse, which she absolutely loves.

One of my friends had reccommended it, as her two girls have had one for 3 years and not only still play with it, but haven’t broken anything but a chair leg.

My daughter had played with hers for less than 2 hours before she had broken a leg off of one of the babies.

Granted, this was done while throwing a fit about it not going into a chair right.. not during play itself. But she was told that she now knew how easily it could break… and with the exception of the other leg on the same baby (which I think was intentional to make them the same), nothing else has been treated roughly.

So I’ve been considering replacing the baby.

I started looking, and the only pack of dolls that comes with that particular baby is no longer made. Some are still availible, but the only ones I see are the african american mom and baby.

Which I have considered purchasing…. they only run about 5-7 bucks… but, given that the babies are supposed to be twins, I’m not sure its quite the same…

So I went to ebay.

Where I did find the baby, by herself. But for almost $20! Or, the entire family for $30 plus shipping.

To put this in perspective, I only paid 50 for the entire dollhouse, family of 4, and some assorted furniture.

This is the fisher price loving family line. It’s not some rare brand of toy. Why in the world would they not make replacement parts for things included with the house more common?

Do they think if they don’t have babies easily availible I might give up and buy another house to get a new one and have other spare parts around? If so, they are nuts.


2 thoughts on “Doll replacement

  1. Julie says:

    My girls have the Loving Family dollhouse too (with a ton of extra furniture)… Thanks to their older (rough) cousins, all the doors have been broken off, a chuck of plastic is broken off near the bathroom, the piano is broken, and one of the legs on a girl. *sigh* … So I feel your pain!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your sweet comments. 🙂


  2. Stephanie says:

    I have a son and he’s rough on his toys, so I can empathize with your frustrations! I think toy manufacturers make the replacement parts hard to find on purpose. That way, when you FINALLY find the part you need, you’d pay the extra $20 just to be done with it. So frustrating….

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