Chili oddities

My mind is on chili.

I blame it on the cool weather, and having chili for dinner the other evening.

But I’m kind of weird when it comes it chili… in a couple different ways.

If I’m the one making it, I like to mkae my chili thick. Not much liquid at all.

It also tends to have a lot of beans, and a lot of different types of beans. Almost looks more like a mixed bean soup with tomato added.

Random tangent: I wonder what would happen if you took the masher to my chili like when you turn beans into refried beans… chili paste?

Anyway, my mom, and for that matter my daughter, are the opposite. Mom’s chili is usually made with one of the huge jars of v8 in it. Very runny.

And mine is usually not very spicy at all.

Though usually when I’m making it at home, I’m going to serve it with fritos. Actually, with almost as much of the bowl filled with fritos as with chili.

I deal with mom’s chili by means of her cornbread… which is usually really dry and not very good on its own. But crumbling it into tiny pieces, and mixing it into the chili, improves both quite a bit!

But by far the weirdest part of my chili experience is the habit I have with fast food chili. You see, I’ve discovered my favorite way to eat it… is to eat it with ice cream. Well, usually a wendy’s frosty… but same idea.

Not mixed together! But alternating… few bites of one, few bites of the other.

For some reason this is wonderful to me… as gross as it sounds to everyone else. Something about the contrast… the hot and the cold… the spice and the sweet… the soupy and lumpy vs the smooth and creamy…

I can’t explain it.

But that’s my weird chili eating quirk.


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