Less goop

Well, i;ve discovered entirely by accident that when you add just an ounce more milk than you are supposed to… 9 oz instead of 6-8… the goopy shakes are a whole ton less goopy and taste much much better.

though not having much more progress. i’ve nicknamed this the colorado diet… because thats what my weight chart looks like. up a few days, then back down a few days…. repeating… going between 4 pounds lost and 8.

starting to drive me nuts.

has about 10 more days to get its act together before i decide to keep it or dump it. so still up in the air right now.


2 thoughts on “Less goop

  1. philangelus says:

    Well, you did say you wanted to work harder for your achievements, so…

    **don’t hit! don’t hit!**

    Do you think it’s that extra ounce of milk that’s sabotaging you? 🙂

  2. beautifulheritage says:

    I did the Fit for Life diet once ‘pon a time, and they had goopy shakes too. Definitely helps to add TONS of ice, I found. Good luck not chucking it all out the window!

    Stopping by to thank you for the comment on my blog! And I love your thoughts on televangelists…wonderfully accurate metaphor.

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