Try to fill a small tupperware container with a high pressure dish sprayer.

Good luck.

While the pressure works well at cleaning it, all of the water has too much force, and bounces right back out.

You have to slow the pressure down greatly to fill a shallow container.

But a pitcher will fill just fine with the sprayer.

I think I need more depth… to be filled with greater force.

To hold more.

I’m also  remembering the lake where my uncle would take us when we were kids.

He worked at a concrete business, and was high enough rank to have keys to a set of private lakes, each about 300 ft across by about 3 times as wide. But we always had to wear these really old life jackets, even if we could swim well.

Because once you got out about 20 feet, the gentle slop dropped.  Completely dropped. We were told it was about 600 foot deep… the result of previous rock removal in the name of concrete production. It was cheaper to refill them in with water as a lake than to find something else to fill the hole.

When you swam past the slope, you knew it, even if your feet where nowhere near the bottom. And it scared you.

The water suddenly became cold, and had an entirely different flow… coming from the deep part, it wasn’t effected by the winds and sun the was the shallow area was.



2 thoughts on “Depth

  1. dannydodd says:

    That was deep. 😉

  2. gingerporter says:

    No pun intended on the above comment I suppose. He is right. It is actually a wonderful metaphor…..

    By the way…I like to visit your blog and was wondering if you would like to join in on a game my friend tagged me with. You have to list 7 wierd things about yourself. If you would like to visit my blog for the rules…..We just do this in fun.

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