Bite the hand…

By reading another post on webkinz, I’m inspired to explain the recent family drama related to the site.

My mother plays games on pogo, and has for a couple of years. My daughter has watched, and learned a few of the games, so my mom bought my daughter a pogo account to play on the other computer.

Now, with the games itself this was fine…. but when you realize that most of the other players are adults…. I wasn’t entirely thrilled with this.

A friend of mine recommended webkinz. So I looked into it, and decided to get one…. and it was instant love. My daughter was addicted from the moment she adopted her first pet.

Now, my nieces were into webkinz already, though I didn’t know it until Christmas…. but they didn’t have internet access at home until a few weeks before, so only one of them had many of them.

So I helped them out a bit. They got new pets at Christmas “from my mom”, and when I found the hard to locate love frogs right before valentines I picked up 3, again “from my mom”, and we also gave mom 2 pets for valentines with the suggestion she could give the codes to the niece with less to help her catch up, and we gave a lilkin to my youngest niece for her first birthday realizing her older sisters could use the code for her.

So that’s a lot of pets in a short time. (Plus I took them both to the hannah montana movie with us as part of my daughters birthday, on opening night)

However, my daughter’s birthday is right after Christmas, which was right after the addiction started. So she got like 3 pets for Christmas, turned around and got like 3 for birthday, and then the love frog and another pet for valentines… so she’d been a member for less time than the other girls, but already had more pets.

This was the circumstance when I allowed my daughter to spend the night after the earlier mentioned birthday party for my youngest niece.

Now you would think that they would have noticed where the sudden increase in their own webkinz was coming from. But apparently they didn’t.

In the car on the way home, my daughter tells me that they sold some of her stuff. It wasn’t until I logged into her account later that night that I saw what had happened.

Now, remember, my daughter was really into webkinz. She spent way too much time on it probably… and I’d spent quite a bit of time helping her and building up her points so that she could do things she wanted to. So when she left, she’d had 18,000 and some change in her account. My first sign of how dramatic the damage had been was when I noticed her account now had 400.

They had sold literally everything for points…. but then, they had used them to buy stupid stuff. Like every item in the baseball theme.

Including all of the special items she got with her pets… items that you can’t buy, they only come once when you adopt that particular pet.

To say the least, I was very mad. Yes, they are virtual items…. but they were really important to my kid…. and they knew that, and knew that she couldn’t get them back.

My mother was on messenger at the time, so I told her, and got told that it wasn’t a big deal.

The news kept getting worse about this visit. First it was that they had convinced my daughter that she couldn’t change her house around, then that this pile of expensive items in one room was things she needed to send to their accounts. But then the news moved out of the virtual realm, as my daughter told me about picking up the neighbors newspapers and throwing them “in the hole in the street” aka sewer drain…. and then a few days later about the three girls showing their “naked booties” to the older brother, who is old enough to have his voice changing.

So I give this information to my mom…. who gets mad at me for making a big deal about it… and tells me not to mention it and that I don’t need to be making family drama about it.

Only a few days later does this begin to make sense… when I remember that my brother’s gf is also in the same sales company as my mom on her side business.

Not seeing much that would actually be done, I just went about fixing things myself. I made a list of the pet specific items that meant the most to my daughter, and bought new pets of those animals to replace the items, trying to mix it up with lilkinz where she had big ones or vice versa when the pet had a lilkinz. And we’ve built her account back up… though there are still several items she loved that she wont be able to get back.

But…. the 3 retired unicorns that were already in my car trunk when this happened? I’m wondering how much the other 2 will bring on ebay, since it’s not like my daughter needs more than 1. And when I went easter shopping, only one bunny and one duck were purchased, in spite of the fact that I knew my mom was the one buying the easter baskets for my nieces.

And when I found a store half an hour from here that has the webkinz charms that havent been seen anywhere in this area at all? And are required to get into part of the site? Only one set went into easter eggs.

Biting the hand that supplies you is not a wise move.

(as a random note: most of my daughter’s pets are earned by doing chores and such… not just randomly given)


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