Devil with hayfever, and my foot in my mouth

Tonight was the monthly prayer meeting at our church.

Which went well, but I managed about 3 rounds of kicking myself for saying stupid things.

First round was before things even started…  the leader tossed tissue boxes around, and one of the guys teased that he didn’t get one. Insert my smart alerk remark “He has long sleeves on, he’ll be ok.”

Two people laughed. Unfortunately, a few didn’t… and it got an “eww” reaction that wasn’t good, and was ignored by others, including the guy. Now considering that he started the teasing, I figured he would have had a response, so I dig a bit deeper into my hold by commenting to the lady next to me something to the effect of “aww, no reaction…”, which he overheard, looked up, said “i heard it.” in a sort of tone that just screams “how stupid”.

Now, the reason the leader was spreading out the tissue boxes before the meeting was because he was already needing one to wipe his eye. So, as things hadn’t even started yet, and I’ve been driving nuts by allergies this week, I assumed he was probably getting hit with the same…. especially as this was repeated throughout the evening.

At one point during the meeting, he made a comment comparing new Christians to seeds being blown by the wind, to hopefully grow roots and grow into strong trees to bear fruit.

So, the sarcastic comment comes to my mind that with Christians being blown in the wind, this would make the devil the one with the hayfever. I was smart enough to at alreast not say this at the time.

I did however come up to the leader afterwards and say it to him with about 6 people in earshot, however, I prefaced it by saying something assuming he was battling allergies…. something to the effect of “if it makes you feel better on your eyes…”

And so his reply was “Oh, I don’t have allergies… I just weep in the presence of the Lord sometimes.”


Now, to be fair, he was wiping his eye before it even actually got started…. but still…

So then the conversation actually did continue… and he asks me “where (i) am at tonight”, basically asking what my thoughts were during the meeting. I admitted my mind was kind of milling around on a tangent, he kinda makes it clear he still wants to know, and what proceeded to come out of my mouth probably made his regret he asked. It made no sense, even to me! The concept makes sense, but takes some explaining and some backing up, which I tried to do, which made it even worse.

He eventually rescues me with “Well you’ve come for several months, so I’m like, she must be getting something out of it”.

I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a good thing, or an odd thing…

And they wonder why I’m so quiet and usually don’t say anything during the meetings! I keep my foot in my mouth enough before and after that my sock needs a break to dry out!


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