Tacos and Tava

The other day my daughter was pestering for taco bell, so we grabbed dinner there, and I decided to try their bacon club chalupa.

I was impressed! I actually decided to hit there again the next day, and add guacamole… very yummy.

Then I came home…. and I made a mistake. I checked the nutrition stats. Almost 500 calories each, almost 300 of which are from fat! YIKES!  (and that was before the guacamole)

Um… yeah, that will cure a budding addiction really fast!

In a much better choice, I’m also really liking the bottles of tava… particularly the brazillian named passionfruit one (the orangeish one). Much better… 0 calories. Still not the best thing in the world…. but compared to those tacos? I’m allowing it. LOL


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