Nature 2; Kid 0

For some reason my daughter’s power struggles have gotten worse than usual as of late.

But, now she’s started picking on an opponent she’s sure to lose against.. the forces of nature.

Round 1: the kite. You can’t fly a kite with no wind. It doesn’t matter how much you pout, or how big of a fit you throw. Nobody can change this. Wind is wind, it’s there or it isn’t.

Round 2: hot stove. Yes, my 6 year old actually deliberately stuck her finger on a hot stove. 10 seconds after my mother told her not to…. and just because my mother told her not to. Needless to say, hot burns, whether or not you are trying to defy authority in your contact with it.

I thought kids were supposed to get over the don’t touch the stove thing by the time they were like 2 or so….  but I guess not. Or at least not mine anyway.

I have to wonder if she has figured out yet that when she takes on physical laws, she’s not going to change them just by sheer stubborness.


One thought on “Nature 2; Kid 0

  1. philangelus says:

    My oldest does things like that too. The difference is, after he stuck his hand into the hot stove and had to ice it, he would immediately put it BACK on the stove in order to prove his first action was good, right, true, holy and pure.

    I really do like natural consequences, but sometimes they aren’t the teaching tools we want them to be.

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