Waterers and fear of mud

My pastor used a metaphor today that caught my interest. His illustration was in relation to non-christians… saying that we aren’t responsible for making the plant grow, only to plant and water the seed and leave growth to God.

Now, I’m not so sure we even are responsible for planting. The seed is either going to be there, or it isn’t, and I don’t think we can put it there is it isn’t.

But the more I think about watering, the more I think that’s exactly what we need to do. But not only towards the “seeds”, but also towards the plants when bigger. The same nurture that helps a seed also helps a plant thats wilting from the summer heat.

God plants, God grows, we help water his plants until their time has come for harvest.

But going back to the seed focus, I think it also bears pointing out that the mud that sometimes results is supposed to happen.

I think sometimes I’m overly scared of the mud. Scared the ground isn’t ready to instantly absorb and readily use the water, and so it going to be messy.

I need to water anyway.

If it’s a plant, the water will eventually seep its way in. If it’s a seed, no telling how deep it might be hidden.

And if it’s just a hardened mud puddle, well, it has bigger issues than just a little more wet in it’s life.


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