Theory vs observations

The other day I read an article on yahoo news…. though I can’t find it again now to link to it.

It was about some random scientific guy making the statement that bras don’t help women…. because if they didn’t wear them, the muscles and ligments would be stronger from dealing with it, and so they wouldn’t be needed.

The comparison was made to a broken bone being in a cast or sling, and the muscles later needing to regain what they lost from not being used.

I’m all about the body being able to take care of itself more than we give it credit for… (while this is more of a practical and aesthetic preference thing than an actual heath thing in most cases)

But this one made me wonder…. really…. is it actually possible? Really possible that a person with a scientific leaning has never once seen one of those pbs/discovery channel shows on some random tribe living in some remote place where they barely even wear loincloths, let alone bras? And where the result is so far from western views that they figure the appeal is low enough they are safe showing the video without even bothing masking anything with fuzzy areas or black boxes?

Theory is nice. But when your observations point clearly in the other direction, you might need to recheck your theory…


One thought on “Theory vs observations

  1. Julie says:

    The guy sounds like a perverted moron who just wants to watch girls jiggle. 🙄 … I, for one, won’t be giving up my bras. The ladies start to hurt when I don’t wear one!

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