Nature increases its lead…

Cats were upset because I was doing some major cleaning in my daughter’s room, including digging everything out of the closet.

Momma cat hissed.. as she does.

Kiddo got in momma cat’s face and hissed back.

Kiddo then ran crying down to grandma’s after the cat scratched the nearest object to her… which happened to be the face hissing at her.

Kiddo has 4 nice scratches across cheek.

I’m gonna call that another win for the laws of nature.

(Kiddo lost another one the other day in an incident of kite vs tree… making the recent score 4:0)


2 thoughts on “Nature increases its lead…

  1. Julie says:

    Ya… Probably not a good idea to hiss at a scared cat. *lol*

  2. Rose says:

    Cats, they think they rule their domain or something 😉

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