Here we go again?

I hope not…

but I got a note from school.

Rarely a good thing.

And from the social worker.

Never a good thing.

And very vague… even worse.

My daughter’s school doesnt have a psychologist working there. So all major “your child is nuts” gets passed off under the category of either nurse or social worker…. whichever is closest.

So now I’m going nuts myself wonder what mess I’ve got to explain out of now.

And giving myself tons of worry about every possible option.

  • i let my kindergartner pack her own lunch the other day, figuring (as I like to do whenever I can) that the consequences of that would be their own deterrent from repeating. Maybe a teacher asked her why her lunch consisted mainly of cheese sticks and plain tortillas? And so has decided I’m some worthless mother who makes a 5 year old fend for themselves?
  • bathtime is sometimes a battle…. and sometimes one where dirt wins even if i win the battle for the bath
  • twice my daughter has gone to the office to complain about her pants being too loose.. one time just because she didnt like the capris i had bought, and another because the little electric thingy inside wasnt hooked.
  • my daughter isnt a morning person…. and im not much more of one myself. maybe weve spaced out library books and homework left at grandmas accidentally a few too many times?
  • daycare means exposure to older kids… meaning picking up name calling and such… maybe earlier than average?
  • my kid likes to come up with reasons to see the nurse. she likes to come up with reasons for bandaids period actually.
  • maybe she mentioned the cats getting into their battles and occasionally mistaking floor for litter box?
  • more of the mess from last year? is this going to turn into the spanking inquisition again?
but probably the most likily one has little to do with my daughter directly. my daughter repeated some thing to my mom that her friend had told her…. involving the friend with clothes off and a cousin (also female) that sounded a bit odd. nothing that we had enough facts or accurate ones to take any actions on… but… enough to make us wonder. maybe she has repeated at school as well?
funny how all it takes is a little note and suddenly i’m back to feeling like i’m the worlds worst parent and raising a total mess of a child.
worst thing is…. i cant call them till later this week, because i have to work.
which annoys me. they know i have to work and am not availible during the day. we’ve been though this before. the school paperwork even asks who all lives in household… they know we’re a single parent family that cant drop everything like all the stay at home moms that seem to be the vast majority of the parents at this school. and yet they schedule conferences at times i cant come, and send me vague notes to call them when they know i’m at work during the times when i could do so.
sigh. one more random issue.

2 thoughts on “Here we go again?

  1. Julie says:

    I haven’t been reading long enough to know what’s all going on, but this sounds incredibly stressful!!!… Hope everything is OK!!!!

  2. tlc4women says:

    Single parenting is just flat out stupid hard. Give yourself a break. I’ve read enough of your blog to know that you are not a bad mom. My bet is on the conversation between the girl and her cousin.

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