Choosing head in the sand

I didn’t call today.

I’ve figured out that it was about the lunch.

Kiddo hadn’t brought the lunch bag home, so I assumed she had forgotten it. She told me she would get it the next day when I asked about it…. which seemed to support that assumption.

But not quite.

I got a message on my voicemail from the school office… saying that her lunch bag hadn’t been in the lost and found, and that they would give her one on monday and a free lunch.

Huh? Since when does a kid losing a lunch bag mean the school replaces it?

So when kiddo got home I started asking more questions about the lunch bag. And she told me the bus driver had it.

I asked if she left it on the bus. And she said no… the bus driver took it to the bus supervisor. I asked again, did she leave it on the bus, or how did the bus driver get it?

Apparently she asked the bus driver to hook it to her backpack. Ok… fair enough… but why would that end up with the bus supervisor?

I still don’t know the whole story, but I know it involved a mixture of shredded cheese, yogurt, and mayo. *major wince*

So… kiddo told me that bus driver took it to bus supervisor, who took it to the office, who was going to throw out the “leftovers”, wash it and then give it back to her the next day.


ok, so sue me…. what kid hasn’t made concoctions with random things thrown together? Granted, most don’t bring it to school… but it’s not like she had anything dangerous mixed in it (that she admits to), it was just gross tasting to consider eating. And she did have a lot of cheese sticks, another thing of closed yogurt, and 2 sandwiches in there as well… though those probably got eaten at lunch so were not present for inspection.

I still stand by my choice that allowing her to pack her own lunch as incentive to not do it again was a fair choice to make with a 6 year old…. though not one I would probably make again.

But I don’t really feel like getting into the interrogation mode again and having to fight to justify my decisions…. spanking or lunch packing. And I’ve figured out that they are going to do whatever they are going to do no matter what I say… as protocol outweighs the good of anyone involved… so I might as well not get myself worked into a frenzy yet.

We will see what happens I guess. Worst case scenerio we get to deal with the idiots from last year again asking stupid questions at meetings with no real point.

I sooo need to move out of this school district.


2 thoughts on “Choosing head in the sand

  1. Julie says:

    Sounds crazy!

    When I was 6, I made my own lunches too. Nothing wrong with that!

  2. philangelus says:

    My six year old packs her own snacks, but then again, she packs what I tell her to pack. My ten year old makes his own lunches if he feels I’m not doing it fast enough (ie, the nanosecond he decides his lunch needs to be packed up.)

    I don’t get where the bus driver had the right to inspect the lunch box, though. If they call you in to a meeting, maybe you need to take a high-dudgeon, very-offended stance that they VIOLATED your child’s PRIVACY or something. Unless they thought she had a handgun in her lunch bag, why would they go through the contents?

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