Free line to live operator 411

Random tip:

(that a friend got mad at me for not telling them sooner… ooops… lol)


Free directory assistance, with live operators, and no ads. Has address information if you ask the operator. 

This literally goes directly to the same operators used by most of the cell phone and cable phone services. 

The number is read to you once, then (unless you hang up) you are automatically connected to the number, still at no charge. 

The catch? Well, there isn’t really a direct one. This is a service run by the company trying to increase their market share basically. It costs them next to nothing to add a few more calls to the millions they already have coming in per week, but they know that it hurts the other, mostly small ad supported and computer automated, systems to not have those calls going there instead. And they know that people hate the automated systems and will probably choose a live operator service given a free option. 


(end random company plug for a company i dont even like)


One thought on “Free line to live operator 411

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