The seller is driving me nuts

So I have this item that I want on ebay.

Well, maybe.

But the seller is starting to drive me bonkers.

So, this item is apparently an album of a song recorded by my fav artist as a demo before his first record. The timing is right… but I can find no mentions of the existence of this song anywhere other than this auction.

However…. by the sellers other items, it appears he works (or worked) in the music industry… so I’m willing to give it more notice rather than just brushing it off as a mistake.

But, when I read part of the description, he suddenly starts mentioning a different album. So I write to him, to clarify the description.

He responds first by changing the auction to something else entirely, then the next day emailing me that he pulled it due to the issue, and will relist both of the items on their own as their descriptions had gotten mixed together.

I should mention at this point that the seller has a positive rating of like 3,000. He’s not a newbie.

So, ok… he relists it. Only, with original listing had been set at 50 starting bid and I think 75 for the buy it now. However, now he knows there is interest I guess… so the relisting sets the lowest bid at 100 and the buy it now at 150. Um… no. Not for something I’m not even sure is correct.

So the relisting goes…. it doesn’t sell. Rather than go back to his original price, he relists it at the higher price again. And again it doesn’t sell.

4th attempt is a charm? Nope. But a few days after he listed it (3rd time at the high rate), I was looking at it again, and noticed some of his other auctions had pictures for them. So I wrote to him again, and asked if he had any pics of this record… thinking that might help to actually verify it a bit as being what he says that it is.

So he writes me back… and tells me he’ll see if he can get around to it, or will for sure put them up when he relists it. Grr…  $100 starting bid and you can’t get around to posting pics?

This auction also ends without a sale…. as could be expected.

So now it’s up again. He did drop back down to the lower bid… however, there are no pics. Still. Again. In spite of his earlier response.

If I didn’t see this guy’s rating, I’d swear he was a con artist or a clueless newbie. But with his tons of other positive feedback, I’m thinking he’s just intentionally driving me nuts… maybe annoyed that I didn’t bite for his jump the price move?

I want this record.

But I’m getting tired of playing games with the seller.


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