Just one detail in the wrong language

So…. someone I have chatted with fairly frequently (and hung out with some in person on the smitty cruise last summer) was over in the Netherlands for a few days, and ended up in the hospital due to major pacemaker issue.

I decided to send flowers.

This became a sort of interesting experience. Most of the american sites that do overseas deliveries weren’t really appropriate. I didn’t really want roses… or something overly pink delivered to a man. Nor did I want something labeled as funeral flowers.

So I found a site that was local to the Netherlands.

I managed to get it translated enough to figure out what info to put where. I even got euros converted into dollars so I knew what to be expecting. Went to the hospital site, got that translated, got the address, figured out the right format to put it into the form.

Everything seemed to go great. I was rather thrilled when I got an email I couldn’t understand but which seemed to have all the right details. Even more so later when the charge successfully made it to my credit card’s website, so that much of it made it through correctly (and for very close to my conversion guess).

It wasn’t until the next day I realized my one mistake. In the hospital name blank, I put the english translation of the hospital name… instead of going back to the original version of the page and using the real name.

Considering the address was on it too, I’m hopeful that it will make it there today anyway. And from my two chat buddies I know from Holland (one of which also from the cruise), I think its probably pretty likely someone from the flower shop will know enough english to figure out what I meant anyway.

I guess we will see soon! Gotta love modern technology. I wonder if I can send a pizza to someone in Australia from online… lol!


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