How to fix Webkinz issues

Ok, so I just looked over my search engine requests, and was surprised to see how many hits I’ve gotten for variations of having too many items in your webkinz dock. 

So, since the post they are going to has nothing to do with that, but I do know how to fix it, heres the answer. LOL

For the record, you usually don’t run into any issues until you have like 800-1000 items in your dock, depending on the speed of your computer. Ganz will tell you to aim for less than 100, but that seems really low, and it works fine with many times that. 

When you first start having issues, it will take forever to get your items from storage. This usually starts happening first when you go to the W shop, because it gets your items automatically at the same time the store is loading. 

If you have too many items in the dock, and its taking too long, you will start to get an error message telling you that a script is taking too long to load nd may make your computer stop responding, and asking if you want to end the script. 

CLICK NO. I know, it looks like a scary message, but its really just saying that it’s taking forever, which you already knew I’m sure.

You may have the screen go totally blank after you click no, but just keep waiting. It may ask again, actually, I’ve had it ask me up to 5 times or so… but it will eventually load all of your stuff in. 

That probably solved the part you didn’t know, but I’ll explain strategy a bit.


That got you into your stuff, now to get rid of the issue. If you are like me, usually the issue is that I’ve done gardening and been lazy about selling them back to the w shop, so I have like 700 or so of them sitting around. There really isn’t much of a shortcut to this, you just gotta sell them down to where you don’t have issues anymore.

Personally, I’ve found its a lot easier on my wrist to move the pile of fruit to one of the first three spots on the dock (by scrolling over), then fill in the bottom three spots of the sell box, and hit the sell button on the way back to the dock from the last box. By the time I have a new fruit up there its done selling, and it saves quite a bit of distance from going all the way to the top of the screen to fill the box completely when you remember that you are doing it 700 times or so. 


But, if your problem isn’t things you need to sell, then you need to get them moved into your rooms so that they can hang out there without having to be loaded every time it pulls up your active items. The cheapest way to do this is with the rattan toy box from the jungle theme, which holds 8 items of clothing or small items, and is cheapest toy box, and with the fridge from the kids theme which will hold 6 food items and is the cheapest fridge.

You can pack these into a room pretty tightly…. as long as there is one spot on any side of the item that your pet can reach, you can open it…. even if it looks like your pet is opening the fridge from the back or the toybox from the side. 

Another trick you can use with the toybox is to put a bunch into your room, fill them, then remove them back to your dock, where they will count as just one item each even though they have 8 items inside of them. This is a pain at times though, because to get an item out, you have to put them back into your room, and there is no way to tell which one that item is in until you have that one out. Also, even if you have some empty ones, they are tossed into the same stack as the filled ones, so you cant sell any of them until they are all empty, and you cant just pull an empty one out of the pile to fill it without pulling a bunch out until you find one that is empty. 

Big stuff that won’t fit into the toy box usually just has to be left in the room… so if you have a tree that only takes up one square, and a table that takes up 4, it might be a good idea to leave the table in the dock and put the tree in the room, even though the tree seems bigger in size because its taller. If you do put the table in the room, you can also put things on top of it though, so if you have some items which will go on tables but not in toy boxes, it might be a good move.

Some things have to stay in your dock, because there is nowhere else to put them. They can’t go in your room. Coupons are bad about filling up space quickly. Other things are wallpaper and floor that you don’t want to use yet, coins and tokens, and unopened packages of trading cards or adoption and holiday items. You basically just have to work around these. (Unless you have more than one account… then you can kinzpost them to the other account and just not open the message to get them out of the way for a month before they return to the dock. )


Ok… so hopefully that helps you random searchers who are having issues with your docks!


The only other really useful thing I can think of to mention offhand is how to get stuck vehicles out of doorways. Cars, planes, scooters, hot air balloons, flying saucers…. this should work with any vehicle.

You can fill out the little form in the help section, which has a special section for vehicles, but that takes a few days for the reps to get to. You can do it yourself in just a few minutes. 

Go out of the room through the door where the vehicle is, then come back into the room through it… so that it looks like your pet is standing directly on top of the vehicle. 

Leave the pet there while you go somewhere out of the room that requires the whole screen. Newspaper, curio shop, arcade, employment office, charm forest…. anywhere that doesn’t just pop up on top of the room like the w shop does will work. 

Then hit the “my room” button to go back to your room. Your pet will now be riding the vehicle instead of just standing on it, and will be able to drive it out of the doorway.


One last random tip… maybe the biggest thing I’ve ever learned. Gardening strawberries can earn a lot of kc, and you do NOT have to water plants, ever. If you water them, you get less weeds the next day, but it takes a whole lot longer than just raking the ones that get weeds. Your plants will never die from not being watered, they only die from not being raked. One day of unraked weeds is fine, as it just sets the plant back a day on when it harvests. but if that plant gets randomly picked for weeds again and it already has them, it will die. So if all you do is rake and harvest every other day, nothing will die.


15 thoughts on “How to fix Webkinz issues

  1. Julia says:

    I want to make all my petz in webkinz have big rooms so i can make them room themes but if i do that i have to spend 1000 kinzcash every time i get a webkinz and then i have nothing to do with the other rooms wat should i do

  2. 78webkinz says:

    I can’t get items out of my dock and i don’t have more than 300 (if not 200) and i’m sitting there for 10-15 min. watching please wait. When and if the please wait goes away without logging me out my computer will close down the internet. this really frustrates me especially because i have 4 gift boxes 2 open and i owe somebody stuff that is in storage right now.

  3. thomas says:

    yeah well how do i get my items i have like 83 items in my dock and it doesnt load it does every once in a blue moon but how can i get my stuff i have sat here watching it load for two hours and it still not loaded please help smart person

  4. thomas says:

    oooo and im not getting that (script is taking too long to load nd may make your computer stop responding) smart guy

  5. Frustrated says:

    The thing about my computer is that my dock NEVER loads! It just keeps saying ‘Please Wait’ and I’ve waited for half an hour already! Does anyone know how to get it to load?

  6. STUCK! says:

    i put a find four in my room and now i can’t click on it and the desk next to it!!!! i can move my bed stove and lamp but not the find four or desk!! the find four is floating in the air and there is nothing under it. i can’t click on it to remove it or just move it. but worst of all I CANT PLAY THE GAME!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLAESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. STUCK! says:

    i know im new but HELP ME PLZ PLZ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so frustrated!!!!

  8. Help says:

    I can’t see my webkinz dock because a white line is in the way. How can I see my dock?

  9. New Webkinz Games…

    Found an interesting search engine for kids. Might help if you look for toys, games, cheats, tips, news or even auctions for favourite toys like Webkinz, ToyRUs, Brio, Fisher-Price and so on……

  10. I NEED HELP! says:

    i have a item stuck, help me plz!

  11. kristie says:

    i have lots of items in my house that are just floating there! i try to move them but i can’t click on them!!!every item that was on a table does that -.- i can move the tables but not the item that are on top!! today i got a cash cow trophy so i put it on a little table thing and i loged out when i came back i could click on it or anything! so not i have items stuck EVERYWHERE! please help! is it a bug? or what@ just tell how to fix this!!!! =(

  12. meggy says:

    on webkinz my storage dock pops up but never loads. so i kept logging on and off and it didnt work. so everytime i click open storage it only says PLEASE WAIT… and never opens. HELP MEEE!!!

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    […]How to fix Webkinz issues « Blue's raindrops[…]…

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    […]How to fix Webkinz issues « Blue's raindrops[…]…

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