the Orchid step

I had some really profound idea for this post.

I remember getting out of bed to make the original draft so that I would remember to write it the next day.

Apparently, I didn’t.

I would tell you the exact date, but wordpress’ manage section says I made this entry on 01/01/70, and I wasn’t born for about another decade or so.

I noticed it in my drafts list when I went looking for one I will probably post tomorrow.

And other than the title, it was blank.

Unfortunately, so is my mind!

I remember it had something to do with the verse about God caring about the flowers and the birds so how much more does he care about you.

And I remember the point involved a flower getting stepped on.

But I’m really not sure where I was going with it!

And I’m even less sure about why in the world I capitalized “Orchid”. Caps are not my buddies…. I tend to lose them frequently, so for me to use one, I had a reason.

Was I calling Jesus a smashed flower?

I really don’t know…. but it’s kinda amusing to me… so I’m posting this missing orchid post.


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