Intellectual issues with itching instincts

I strongly believe that God made our bodies to know what they were doing.

The things it does are for a reason, be it pain to let us know to stop doing something or take it easy on something while it heals itself, or a fever to kill off bacteria, whatever.

Even things like broken bones…. really the only thing the doctors usually do is position it right so that as it heals itself its in the right spot.  I’d get started on birth, but thats a whole ‘nother rant.

At one point I was “crunchy” enough to let this be a good reason not to take most medications… I normally do take them now, but I’m aware of why I’m taking them and exactly how they will be helping my body to do its thing. While he made my body more than capable of taking care of itself most of the time, he put me in this current age for a reason. I mean, 100 years back even glasses wouldn’t have been as commonly availible, I can only imagine how much rougher my life would have been back then either being half blind all the time, or paying like a months salary for a pair of my glasses instead of the 8 buck internet specials costing less than an hours pay.

But. I don’t get itching.

At all.

I mean, yes, it lets you know there is an issue. But is there anything at all that is ever helped by scratching anything that itches? It’s not like the scratching can solve the issue behind the itching… and it most cases it usually makes it worse.

Scratching seems to be the entirely wrong instinct. Cold things usually help resolve itching. When cold fails, really really hot water sometimes works.

But not the first instinct. How easy is it to scratch something until it bleeds and is a much bigger problem? And how many times does scratching something that itches just seem to make it itch more?

Itching makes absolutely no sense to me. What was God thinking when he created itching?


One thought on “Intellectual issues with itching instincts

  1. HAHA!!!
    oh my gosh yes.
    why? why is itching necessary??? it just makes us wanna scratch our skin off. and that can’t be beneficial!

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