Texas bound

I don’t mind driving… as much as I’m not a fan of gas prices right now.

I used to regularly drive 10 hours or so back and forth from home in Illinois to mom’s house here in Ks.

So why is it that I always still get the gitters and have issues calming myself to sleep the night before a trip?

I dunno.

Anyway, we’re heading down to Texas tomorrow to go see the taping of Michael W Smith’s next worship cd (and possibly dvd… it’s being recorded, unknown if will be released as well).

Its sort of a consolation trip for canceling the cruise. Still awesome, but shorter and cheaper.

Church that used to be an arena seats 16,000! HUGE! So could be really interesting.

Ironically, the last trip I did that was this long was to see a concert of his that was taped for the Gospel Music Channel that had less than 100 people in the audience. Contrast… gotta love it.

Anyway, it will be good. Things have been pretty crummy around here with work and family… so the break will be nice. We’re taking some extra time on it… I usually like to leave really early in the morning (since i’m not sleeping anyway!), but this time I have to work a half day, and kiddo is going with a neighbor to vbs for the morning anyway.

But it will work out. Gives us a break in driving, 5 hours tomorrow, overnight south of Dallas (cuz I don;t even wanna mess with that first thing in the morning), then 3 and some change (aka 4-5 with kiddo potty breaks) in the morning… and have the rest of the day thursday to just chill and hit the mall (apple store and cheesecake factory… good mall!), then the entire day friday before the fan cub gathering at 4.

Then sat we’re going to do the split thing again and visit a friend of mine that’s a bit off the path but reasonable, then continue home sunday.

and as a bonus relax weekend… the hotel in houston was having a “last minute sale” this week. jacuzzi suite for only 10 more per night than the 2 doubles and the suite rooms include the hot breakfast buffet in the restaurant.

Not quite the vacation I had been planning for this summer, but a short vacation it will be! 🙂


One thought on “Texas bound

  1. tlc4women says:

    Sounds like fun. Not the driving part but the Suite and Concert part!

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