Bear issues.

boo’s bear… which she has had since she was born, was accidentally left in the hotel in houston.

i know this. i know she was throwing it around sat morning as i was getting stuff ready and i directly told her to put in with the bag and my laptop. this is the last i remember seeing him.

she didnt. she said she hid him under the covers. why, i dont know, but shes insistent thats where she forgot him. i did a walk through of the hotel room before we left, and didnt see anything laying around that we had missed.

we noticed this about bedtime in dallas area…. though im kicking myself because about an hour out of houston i was looking for something else in the back seat and moved her car blanket and pillow, and should have noticed then that he wasnt with them.

tore car apart to make sure… called to the hotel, and got rather rudely told to call monday during business hours for the housekeeping office.

so i called monday morning… before i even told her what room we were in or what we were looking for, she sharply told me they hadnt found anything.

so i handed phone off to mom, she tried again a bit later and just went direct to the manager, who told her they completely check a room when someone reports something missing, and they even checked the laundry since it was monday (???) and it wasn’t with the bedding.

so they keep the bedding seperated by room to know which bedding it would be in from that many rooms? and have it sitting around still seperated 2 days after we checked out?

but he did take our number at least to call if he turns up. this was the 4 points sheraton… i expected a bit better from them, but then, i had issues with them thursday night as well.

is it really too much to ask to have someone look for a lost bear? i mean, i know its trivial to most adults, but most adults also understand what certain stuffed animals mean to a kid and that they arent replaceable.

so this is being a big stress point right now… and im about to start calling the hotel and asking for room 723 nightly till someone happens to answer and ask them to look under their bed and between the mattress and the wall for a bear for me.


2 thoughts on “Bear issues.

  1. tlc4women says:

    Email headquarters. It seems that when I complain that way, I always get a contrite manager willing to bend over backwards.

  2. blueraindrop says:

    i was actually planning to on the issue from thursday…. but now im not sure if its the best move… yet.
    if they DO find the bear, im scared that if there has been a higher level complaint made, they may just toss him out of spite over it. they’ve already shown they really dont care.

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