Part 3

I’ve been trying to come up with a way to explain exactly what hit. But I’m not sure that I entirely can.

A resolve I guess is about the closest word I can come up with. Like feeling a sense of direction, however, without the exact direction.

Which I realize makes no sense as an explanation.

But overall, the biggest way I can explain it is just a feeling of… its time.

Time for what? Haven’t the foggiest clue.

Well, I do have some clues. I’m pretty sure that its going to involve moving. Based on some things that happened shortly afterwards, I’ve got a vague area that it seems to be leaning towards… nice enough area, though not really one of my top choices.

I’ve been doing job search for a while… and was hoping to get something going this summer. But this…. its just a totally different feeling on it.

And to be honest, it scared me massively for about the first 2 days. I’ve calmed down a bit now… though I’m no more sure where this is going now than I was then… gotten a bit more used to the fact that I have no clue whats going on? I dunno.

Ok… so this probably has to rank as the oddest explanation of something that I’ve posted on one of my blogs in a long time. Maybe ever. And if you aren’t of a slightly charismatic leaning you may think I’m completely and total nuts. And I’m probably that too. So if you like you can just write this off to stress or mental breakdown or whatever… previous entry gives ya plenty of fodder for that theory.

But anyway… thats what it is. I have a really strong sense of “its time”, a few hints on direction, and no real idea of exactly what’s up other than being pretty sure there is a corner with something around it very nearby.

Lost ya yet?


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