When it’s over

I had a friend… who was once more than a friend.

But really, I’ll admit, it was more intellectual conversations than anything that I adored about him.

Life as a single mom got into the way. Then time kept passing.

We do still talk online occasionally… but it usually ends in flirting… so its not something I intentionally seek out.

The other day I messed up when dialing my voicemail. I knew by who the caller had been that it was something I was going to delete, so I held down the 7 to delete the message…. instead of 1 to get into voicemail then 7 to erase it.

I hung up instantly… but apparently it still triggered on his phone. I didn’t even realize he was 7 on my voicemail, all my numbers got jumbled when imported from my old phone.

I was at work the next day, so he got my voicemail. He left a message.

“This is (his phone number). I got a call from this number but they hung up so I was just wondering who and what I missed.”

Yup. I’m gonna call that a good sign the friendship should probably be declared over.


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