Expectation of supervision

So I got a note at the daycare center yesterday that today the older kids all needed to bring their bikes and helmets. because the police department was coming in to teach them a 3 hour safety class, and only a few bikes would be availible in case kids didnt have them.

I have a car. My childs bike does not fit in the trunk. So it was a huge pain to get it transported there.

Her bike was brand new at Easter, and with the exception of a few scratches, still looked like it.

From that statement, I’m sure you know where this is going.

Its a really pretty bike, and I’d decided to go for quality rather than price with the expectation of it lasting… as she was between the 20 inch bike and the next one down on size and I decided to go for the normal sized big girl bike.

When I picked it up, the training wheels were completely twisted around, to the point that they cant even be bent back into useable shape…. we’re going to have to replace them. the back bumper thing around the tire was bent into the tire. some of the streamers had been ripped out. the back reflector was broken off.

My child has a list of 5 other kids that were riding her bike so she doesn’t know exactly who did what to it.

Needless to say, I’m extremely upset. What in the world is the point of a bike safety class when afterwards my child doesn’t even have a bike that she can ride anymore?

And how closely are you supervising these kids to not notice that a training wheel has been messed up enough that its pointing straight back instead of down and to the side? (the metal twisted… not just twisted on the bolt)

and when i picked her up, not a word was said. they make these stupid notes pop up on the computer when i check her out for so much as a broken velcro on shoe or minor paper-type cut… but nothing for when her few month old, hundred dollar bike has been trashed?

The director is there in the mornings when I drop her off, but not in the afternoons. So he and I will have a chat in the morning.

(not the best shot of our bikes… taken by my cell. you cant see well but hers has flowers that match the paint all up and down both fenders and on the side of the seat, and in the hand grips. and actually this pic has the training wheels in the basket because i couldnt get the bolts loose to put them on, so had to have it done for me and hadnt yet)


5 thoughts on “Expectation of supervision

  1. philangelus says:

    If you haven’t spoken to them yet, when you go in, be prepared to demand something from them. Either a repair from a professional bike store, a new bike, or two-thirds the cost of the bike. If you don’t ask for something, they’ll give you an apology and platitudes.

    You should definitely get back the cost of the day’s day care, since no one was watching your daughter and you’re paying for her to be watched.

  2. "Maggie" says:

    Wow. So WHAT HAPPENED? Kids playing together…gotta love it!

  3. blueraindrop says:

    the director wasn’t aware of the issue…. he said he was going to check with the teachers who should have been right beside anyone on the bikes and find out exactly what happened.

    the main morning office person said she knew one training wheel was loose, and the cop leading the class was going to put it back on, but that was the last she had heard anything about any bike issues.

  4. philangelus says:

    So basically, no one had any clue and no one was willing to take any responsibility. Niiiiiiiice.

    Keep after them. I think they owe you a bike.

  5. blueraindrop says:

    at the moment im giving the director and office staff the benefit of the doubt based on staff times. this place is open at like 5am with the director and main office person, then they both leave early… the two other head office staff people come in around lunch time because center doesnt close till 7.

    so the people i see at pickup and dropoff are entirely different “teams”…. and since the class wasnt listed to end till 3, director would have already been gone for the day, so its not too far of a stretch as to why he would have no clue.

    as for why the teachers didnt say something… another question entirely, and one im waiting to hear the answer to.

    so we will see monday morning what the director found out and what he does about it.

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