Stuck in the head

One year, in the early 90’s sometime, White Heart played at the local amphitheater in Wichita for the big yearly free show thrown by Z91, the local Christian rock station.

They played this song, though I’m pretty sure it was already a couple of albums old at the time.

Every single year since then, this song will manage to get stuck in my head at least once during the day on the 4th.

Good song, one I’d actually tracked down to get converted to mp3 a few months back along with several other whiteheart albums… just mostly irrelevant to anything patriotic.

However this year, from this post, referencing this post, it has managed to arrive in its stuck position a day early. Gotta love timing sometimes. LOL

As a random note… I wonder what ever happened to Sarah Crawford, the biggest White Heart groupie and Ric(k)(e) Florian fan I ever met. I know she had moved to Ohio…. (and yes, I’m just adding this in to see if she ever googles herself and finds it! LOL)


One thought on “Stuck in the head

  1. "Maggie" says:

    🙂 Love your posts…they are frank and raw. Keep up the great work!

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