Random desire to rip up carpet

Suddenly this morning I got hit abruptly with a desire to tear apart the living room and kitchen.

In particular,
to rip up the carpet in the living room, hall, kitchen, bathroom, and maybe even the garage (these people liked carpet… a lot)
rent a sander and a paint sprayer
finish the wood floors in the hall and lr
paint the kitchen
rip up old linoleum part of the kitchen floor (under the appliances) and redo entire kitchen and bathroom in stick on linoleum type tiles
repaint the tan on the living room hall and maybe split it with white
and entirely repaint the glitter covered textured ceilings.

This came out of absolutely nowhere. While I hate the carpet, and liked my old wood floors, I’ve never actually considered ripping it up. Though with 4 cats and a child with asthma, I could easily justify the need to do so should I desire to actually do so.

But… I don’t really expect to be staying here. As a matter of fact, I’ve been packing up the stuff in the basement… to prepare it for whatever happens whenever it happens.

Maybe this is just something that’s associated in my mind with the packing?

Actually, it would make a lot of sense if I expected to be selling the house to move. However, the house technically belongs to my mom and stepdad… who don’t get along… threaten divorce repeatedly… have lived in seperate bedrooms since I moved about 5 years ago… etc.

So honestly, when(/if?) I move, it would not in the least bit surprise me for the open house being availible to be the open door that creates the official split.

This has actually even been discussed by my mother and brother, that when (i’m not giving this one an if) divorce happens, she will be going after this house, not the other one… though allowing the kiddo and I to still live in it given how many travel jobs she had been doing.

I really don’t know.

Packing is my first priority right now. I have myself a list of projects… things that need done that won’t mess up daily life. Like the basement…. regrouping the stuff in the shed… washing and packing the china from my grandma that ive never once used and maybe never will… regrouping baby clothes and toys by ages… sorting through old computer cables and making a run to the local computer parts recycler.. etc.

And really, when I’ve thought about major work, it hasn’t even been upstairs I’ve been considering. I’d be more likily to hit the semi-finished basement. The outside boundary walls are covered with flaking paint that by the age of the house I would bet money on being lead based. The mechanics of the well is off in a little nook area in a corner, but could really use some sort of door/wall sectioning it off away from child temptation. And while I realize they didn’t sheetrock the ceiling to allow easy access to wires and pipes to fix things, it really would be much improved to nail some up, even if not bothering with tape and plaster as to allow it to be removed more easily when access is needed.

So an abrupt, and rather detailed, desire to attack carpet is kinda odd. And I’m not really sure what to think about it.


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