Concert discussion

Pics were up late last night, so see last post for those, but decided to wait for the explanations.

This has been a rough trip from the get-go, from scheduling, to work being a pain, to late trains for no apparent reason, to rental car dorks.

Almost everything has been a plan b, at least. Unfortunately, the concert itself also fell victim to that trend.

So we make it there. And we do the meet and greet with Michael W Smith with no real problems with that except normal staff lack of coordination things like venues frequently have.

Matthew West was actually playing as well, but we missed the first couple of songs from being back stage, and the next few from ushers being dorks… (there was a clear and simple path to our seats, but because each section was assigned a certain aisle, we weren’t allowed to use it initially instead having to squeeze between people and through small spaces between the rows…).

His set went off without any apparent hitches.

So then Steven Curtis Chapman takes the stage. And he plays a song…. only to have the power cut out right towards the end of the song.
They fix things, he starts another song, and 3/4 of the way through it does it again.
They fix it again, and it does it again…. and again right towards the end of the song.

Steven decides he’s going to say what he’s going to say anyway…. grabs a bible and his glasses, and starts literally yelling to the crowd who can hear him a message about God being in control of all.

The power stays off for about half an hour this time…. but mysteriously, only the power to he stage area is out. The concession stands and such are somehow working fine.

The girls manage to get Michael Olson’s attention from where he was standing in the wings, and blow him kisses, and get him to come to the front of the stage to talk to them for a few minutes, which was really awesome. (Granted, he probably didn’t have much else to do while waiting, but it was still really great and absolutely thrilled the girls)

So then they sent Michael and Steven out together to tell us that they are canceling the show because they are concerned the power will have more issues and they don’t want everyone there in the total dark.

They did however do three songs before officially ending it…. all three just Steven with acoustic guitar, Michael on keyboard, 2 mics and a single spotlight. Very awesome!

They then prayed over the crowd, and Michael over Steven… the only time during the mess that Steven seemed off balance.

So… while it kinda sucked that it wasn’t the full show, it was still awesome anyway from what we did get. And Boo and I will definitely be going to Tulsa to catch the show there in October. Officially, the show wasn’t cancelled in Detroit (ok, clarkston), the web site says it has been postponed. So they may be back… but that probably isn’t going to help me and Boo much, as it’s not too likely we’d make it all the way back up here again that soon.

But not a very good start to their touring together. Suppose it can only go uphill from here on tech issues.


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