Kittens found

The kittens have been found.

She had them under the kiddo’s bed… which is only about 4 inches off the ground, and has random toys and such shoved all over.

They started mewing while she was in there earlier. Still no idea why their mother isn’t spending much time in there with them…. and why she wasn’t even protective when I was in there near them.

I had checked in the closet, in the dresser drawers (odd style, lets the cats get in if they really want to), and in the blanket pile. But didn’t think to look under bed. And really, probably couldn’t have seen them if I had. The only two I saw tonight was because they were trying to walk around already. (I’m guessing they must have been born pretty soon after we left).

Somehow… I’m not overjoyed to find them! LOL but I guess it answers my question.

Kiddo however is beside herself thrilled.


One thought on “Kittens found

  1. philangelus says:

    When my cat had her kittens (we found her abandoned; she was pregnant) she had no desire to take care of them at all. I had to put her in the box with the kittens to make her nurse them at all (and then she looked very, very worried) and then I had to pour the liquid from a package of turkey cold cuts onto the kittens to get her to lick them.

    Some cats just don’t have the maternal instinct, I guess. But I’m glad the kittens are alive and healthy.

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