Evens out

The last of the school shopping is done for us. Tonight we got the last three items, a backpack and gym shoes with socks.

And I’ll admit, I was wincing. This pay period is really the worst time for extra expenses.

So I had a tight budget I was hoping for on these two…. mainly because neither one was a critical need. While her old gym shoes are worn, they would work ok given that she only wears them just for gym… and really, we have 4 perfectly fine backpacks around here that would easily have another year in them, including a high school musical one.

So my goal going in was backpack could be up to 15, but shoes really just wanted to grab the basic, cheap, generic gym shoe, running roughly 10 bucks. socks, well, were just a bag gym socks vs the really thin anklet type ones with bows on them she likes for regular use.

Backpack went good… we had looked at them before, so she knew mostly what her options were…. but she decided she wanted a pink kung fu panda one instead of either of the two she had been leaning towards before. It was in a bin labeled 15.

I’m not a huge fan of the selection… she fell asleep halfway through the movie to give you an idea as to how big of a fan she is… so i’m a bit doubtful she will even remember it by may. where the kittens or hearts of previous favor would have been less short term interest, or even hannah montana would be likely to stick in her interest longer.

But, whatever. As I said, we still have a perfectly good high school musical one she likes if she changes her mind later.

So moving on to the shoes… things didn’t go as smoothly. First, jellies are not gym shoes. Nor are crocs. Second, she doesn’t tie well enough for shoestrings to be practical yet.

So we were past the first pairs she grabbed in her hyper frenzy in about 30 seconds, when the staff hit. Frankly, I usually prefer to just be left alone… But she really seemed interested in helping, not just selling the most expensive pair. And she did seem into listening what kiddo liked or didn’t like. And, well, seemed like she might take it personally… not in an arrogant way, more a fragile way if that makes sense.

And so we ended up with hannah montana shoes. White at that, but they seem fairly easily wipeable. 7 bucks more than the cheap generics I’d been intending… but… sigh… they were the kiddos favorites, and the clerk seemed so thrilled that she liked them… so i sort of felt kind of obligated to buy them.

so we got the bag of thicker gym socks, and walked up to the cash register… while its still going through my mind a bit that it wasn’t really what i planned for…. but then, wasn’t like it was insanely out of the budget… and if it made two people happy… i guess i would deal with the difference.

the first thing the cashier rang up was the backpack. and, in spite of no sale signs up at all in the backpack area beyond the normal price signs, and no markings anywhere on the bag either, it rang up at half price.

pretty much exactly the shoe difference.

always nice when things work themselves out it a quick and painless way. lol


2 thoughts on “Evens out

  1. Julie says:

    I love it when things ring up at a sale price, when you didn’t know they were on sale! *lol*

  2. tlc4women says:

    It’s those little surprises that God hands us that are the best!

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