I just thought I was done…

And now round 2 of the school supply battle goes on….

Opps… the note doesn’t say why, but they apparently forgot to tell us they needed 10 glue sticks. So now they want them… for tomorrow. Don’t give us notice to get them when they were on sale a few weeks ago, ask for a whole pile of them, and now expect them purchased instantly.

Strike two… they wanted a particular brand and style of notebook. The list just said “notebook, 70 page” but apparently we were supposed to read their mind. Well, actually, we were supposed to pay the pto extra to buy them for us… but I already vented about that one in the previous post.

Strike three… “folder with pockets, 1 red 1 green” did not specify anything about having brads or no brads…. I’d intended to get no brads, but apparently the red one I got had been in the wrong pile. Apparently the brads being there somehow change the ability to put papers in the pockets? Had the teacher sent it home I would have simply taken the staple out, thus removing brads, thus removing issue. But we just sent the note instead.

And strike four… “pencils, 4 sharpened”. Now this one I did fine on… actually, I sent 8 pencils, because kiddo didn’t know if she wanted the package of 4 hannah montana or 4 high school musical, so figuring some would be lost, I threw in both.
However…. drama ensued. Apparently, the kids all share pencils, so they were told to put them all in a bucket. This was fine with most kids, as they had the plain pto pencils…. not so much with my kiddo who rather liked her pencils and doesn’t want to just use a plain one out of a bucket while other kids use the ones she brought.
And I suppose I understand. Had I known they were going to do that, I wouldn’t have gotten the ones she liked. But, given that they asked for her name to be on everything, and the kids have normal desks in her grade, I’d assumed that we were past the stage of collecting all the glue bottles and giving the kids one at random.
Which makes more sense with glue than it does with pencils to me. I understand the kleenex and the clorox wipes being for general use, and already assumed that the dry erase markers and the post it notes were actually for teacher use… along with the 2 packages of copy paper. But when it comes down to a kid not being able to have a pencil to call their own consistently…. i don’t really get it. Especially as many kids chew pencils and tear up erasers even on ones they have some ownership of… now to make the next kid to get that pencil have to deal with.
Ironically, they also collected the markers and glue, but not crayons. Which, to me, would seem like the most obvious thing to share given that each kid only uses one color out of the 16 at a given time.
And, they collected her extra eraser. Why? Only thing I can assume is to give it to a new owner whose parents didn’t bother with the 50 cents to get one. Its another of those things where if I had known, I would have left it home, but I’d figured since she had a required pencil box, and would likely need the other eraser from the package eventually, I might as well send it to keep in the box in the first place rather than having it get lost.

So i’m annoyed. not that theres anything i can do about it… the annoyance is just there.


2 thoughts on “I just thought I was done…

  1. Julie says:

    The whole thing sounds incredibly stressful!… And I think the SCHOOL should be buying the copy paper and post-it notes!!!!

  2. tlc4women says:

    This sounds like a military school. Strange!

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